Friday, May 20, 2011

school and such

28th April 2010. Thursday

Recovering in process.
Printed my Character Design Assignment 2 with Jellybean, Duval and Weeteng.
HYDRANA <3 I know I really need to put in more effort, but I am just too lazy, and not daring to put in more shadows and highlights.
Always screwing them up :(

We had chicken rice for dinner at Bras Basah.
I miss them soooo much.
Always visiting that stall when we will still at the old campus. It's love.
And, it's still taste the same :D HAPPPY

29th April 2010. Friday

Submission of HYDRANA.
okay, no form :( quite flat, could have been better with the other color exploration instead.

Tried the starbucks' cake pop the same time :D
I didn't know I had the free cake thing, since I didn't claim the one suppose to be for my birthday last year.
So I just claim it.
I always wanted to try it.

Tried the birthday flavour. A little too sweet for me, and I kinda just started coughing.
Ain't a sweet tooth, I can't take sweet stuffs without coughing badly for the rest of the day, and that is if I am lucky.

went to sing K @ Teo Heng @ NTU Alumni afterwards.

we splited room.
Weeteng, Ruiting, Jellybean and I one room.
Waine, junxian, elson and melvin one room.

I always hear the guys talking about it, but didn't get a chance to go?
It's not that bad, it's charged by hours and room, and the selection of songs aren't bad, at least I get to find those I want.
Sound system so so. over all okay la, not bad, good place to sing and still save some money.
No tibits and drinks though, so no compulsory surcharge etc.

Went to Ramen @ Tiong Bahru.
Am very very happy.
Haven't had a meal there since don't know how long ago, at least last year.
Been always talking about it but didn't have a chance.
am a little dissapointed though, the standard kinda drop.
BUT, I still <3 the char siew slices.

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