Monday, May 2, 2011


23rd April 2011.

Vanda darling's 21st Birthday.
We skyped, and blew the brownie I baked over skype.
L O L funneh.

Her webcam is like max cool.


Funny girl. And she wore our secondary school PE t-shirt as pjs. L O L .

had our skype HD production assignment 2 discussions.
It's funny, we were skyping, but wasn't on video or voice conversations at all. Quite -.-'''

Was suppose to go marina barrage with classmates to shoot? But was being too lazy, and still wanting to go out though.
plus, weeteng ain't going, so we didn't join them.

Wanted to go for the Sakura Festival at Flyers?
But by the time I prepared and left home, the performance was over, and lots of people that I knew left already?
So, there wasn't really a point for us to go down.
Still went down to cityhall area though, cause booked movie to watch, the plan was to go after flyer, but then.. hehe.
Too bad didn't get to see Shinn Jie perform.

Had burger king dinner with yuchi n eden, gossiping like always.

and oh yah, I bought Pokemon Black on the way out, cannot resist temptations?
chose Tepig as my starter and totally just name it as JELLYBEAN :P

and one after nightmare, and hotcakes :P

Watched limitless.
The storyline was so so? Didn't really attract me lots?
But love the compositing and the editing. The way they pieces the clips together?
The little little details they put in? Splendid, and marvelous.
I really wished that I could edit videos successfully too.
Editing was my interest, and I said was, cause it dies down, somehow. I got sick and tired of all the rushing, but I still do love it in a way? But maybe compositing more?
I need more opportunities and chances.

Back to limitless, ain't it real cool to have the pill? minus the side effects please.
To help me with my studying, especially?
AND, my skating skills, of cause.
Was hungry after movie, had dinner at Makansutra Gluttons Bay, the one beside Esplanade?

Had fried oyster, fried kway teow and coconut drink.
Seriously, the coconut drink was tasteless, not cold, and got no flesh. Max saddening and dissapointing.

We walked to Marina Bay Sands.
Jellybean first time there~
Changed lots since the last time I were there.
Finally, get to see the seriously hopeless syntactic ice rink. Pathetic is the only word I could describe it.

Walked rounds and rounds there, and my shoe finally gave in and decided to "open up"
and worse till, it wasn't even mine. ><

now that I mention it, I havent even tell her about it. :X

Sat down someone, and erm, corrupted his phone :P

seriously love that app that he got.

what I wore that day, it's a bloody dress, can you believe it? HAHA

My eyeliner was like totally smudge, max ugly

cabbed home afterwards, my knee totally can't take it.

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