Monday, May 2, 2011

failed brownies and colorful frost

okay next!

22 April 2011. Friday.

GOOD FRIDAY, actually. Indeed good, at least for me.
There wasn't school, so I kinda sleep in.
Was in the mood, and since I didn't baked for quite a while, I went searching for recipes off net, and got myself my ingredients and baked :)

Didn't really used any special recipes, I was partially lazy actually, got brownie mix off rack at NTUC instead.
I did my own frost though, since I still have leftover creamcheese at home, lots actually. 750g left? 500g now, after baking.
Okay, I didn't really make the frost my own, jellybean helped.

He came over, like almost everyday, it's like a daily routine after school ><
We wanted to watch the movies we didn't watch on screen last time.

The Tourist and Piranha.

Back to brownies.

The brownies were kinda a failure, to me at least.

It was still edible though.
sad to say, it was too soft, way tooo soft in the inside.
kinda like molten chocolate cake instead of the normal brownies?
The first time I failed using the mix, like so depressing for me?
I been using the mix since Secondary School, should have gotten use to it right?

Making the frost was fun, just mere butter + creamcheese + sugar. and food coloring for decoration purpose.
I can't seems to find the mixer, and mum wasn't at home for me to ask, so Jellybean kindly helped me to "fold" the butter and creamcheese together. Tough job, since I forgot to soften the creamcheese, and just used it straight out of the fridge.
They were hard to mix. Too solidified I guess.

But, it turned out well. A little too sweet, shall cut down on sugar next time.

Tips on baking. (ain't a good baker, but still, after all those time I baked?)
You can't really follow the amount in recipes?
Different people have different tastebuds.
Experiencing is the best way to get your own favourite and best recipes.
Recipes you found, can only be a good source and reference.
Trying out are the only way you will know whether things work.

The paragraph above, is my own opinion, but actually lots of bakers said the same thing.

Playing with food coloring can be crazy.
They stains, so you must be real careful with it.
I got colorful fingers after that.
you won't know how dark or light the color will turn out too. So, experiencing is the only way.

But I love them, they turned out real pretty. The colors I meant.

(The green was supposed to be blue, and blue was supposed to be purple, talk about mixing. weird)

Watched The Tourist.
Can't get rid of Jack Sparrow image of Johnny Depp, in any shows. ><
The plot wasn't that bad, wants more action though.

Piranha, got a scare at the end of the movie, where the adult piranha jumped out the screen suddenly.
I freaked out, shrieked, cover my face and start trembling.
Jellybean was super evil, all he did was laugh out loud, before he even start comforting me. damn.
It was funny and a little disgusting in a way or another, cannot stop covering my eyes though.
Boobies got eaten, oh well.

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