Monday, May 2, 2011


24th April 2011. Sunday

I finally tried the sushi from the shop over at Boon Lay MRT
Wasn't that bad, shall get the salmon set next time.
Kinda expensive? $9 plus?
But it's all salmon, yum yum.

Was suppose to watch movie with jellybean, but his sister went home for dinner.
So plans were cancelled.

Met up with yiping to give her the brownies and waited for nigel with her.
AND THANKS AH BOTH OF U, I didn't get to watch my movie at jellybean's house in the end.
Not enough time. WAAA
I really wanted to watch de lor.
SIANS LA. a little frustrated, but over no one.

Had dinner, didn't stay long, was a little tired, so went back kinda early.

Still.... feels awkward and scary!!!!

AM going to stop blogging, shall head for bed, and try to wake up at 10am for the discussions tomorrow.


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