Sunday, May 1, 2011


Am, very very tired now.
My eyes are closing as I type this.

Am talking to nii-chama, really wishing that I can join him in his trip to  Japan, like seriously.
Ain't got time, and it clashes with my school.
Suck to be me ah, too bad he will be in NS when it holidays for me.
Our schedules clashed.
Hope he can really find someone to go with, hard for him.

am back from skating, dinner, tou huey, and lots of laughters and dramas gossipings
LOVE this group of friends lots.

am need to rest, and wake up early tomorrow to do my homework.

Talking to nii-chama, makes me realise how much I really needa do.
COOKIE.HUIJIN says: (AM 01:49:51)
n i need to model a character. finish my current character. design a character, like concept art. finish 2 storyboard. finish 1 outdoor drawing. finish 1 indoor drawing. finish 1 monster sculpture. finish 1 head sculpture of the monster. edit 2 videos. edit my previous life drawing (= redraw them) .

COOKIE.HUIJIN says: (AM 01:49:53)

- i deleted the one sentence in between, cause it's not relevant -

"nii-chama" says: (AM 01:51:48)
WTF so much o.o

oh well. good nights

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