Friday, April 29, 2011

The Pink - Brothers' Grimm

We had this assignment for Life Drawing 2, had to choose a fairy tail from Brothers' Grimm series.

Wanted to do Hansel and Gretel, but I can't seems to have any inspirations in which scene I should use  for my drawings.
Was wiki-ing through, and myself THE PINK.

Am going to do the stream scene for my outdoor drawing.

"She had such a son, and every day went with the child to a park where wild beasts were kept. There she washed herself in a stream."

and the Feast for the indoor.

"Then he worked as a huntsman for his own father. He hunted much game that the king insisted that the huntsman sit by him at the feast. "

woots, can't wait, my angles and settings are kinda fixed? just that, I really need to buck up and start drawing.

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