Friday, April 29, 2011

Skating <3

16.04.2011 Saturday

So, I finally went skating like after so many weeks.
I really can't skate well anymore. boohoohoo, the leg weakens :(

Asked quite a few people along, mainly Cally that group,
my cousins, cheng yu and yinru , and JJ who happens to know chengyu
jelly and jellybean.
andrew and the others, were obviously there.

Was suppose to go for dance class, my last class for LA hip hop.
Due to the vomiting during midnight, and jiayan not going, I skipped it.

Kinda slept a little longer, since I only managed to sleep at 5 plus the day before, thanks to the indigestion vomiting.

Met up with Jellybean, and I was late as usual. Really need to get rid of this stupid habit of mine.
I actually forgot to bring my skates? And had to like u-turn back and get them, and forgetting to bring my jacket at the same time.

Only managed to see Tim and Cally for a while, since they gotta rush off for family dinner. :(
Tim-o and Jellybean actually said "LOVE YA" to each other. OMONA.

chengyu is a bully again ><
but then, we grew up like this, him bullying me, and I suffer. HAHA

Skating was quite fun today, I didn't get tired at all? Not like normally, I will always exits and sit down after just merely a few rounds.
But!!! I still can't do lots of things?
Am going to train my leg and balancing well first, so I can learn my cornering correctly, and get my cross overs right.

The lack of confidence is one big hindrance for me.

Yinru treated us bubble tea :D Shall get them again when I go skating the next time.
Didn't manage to eat my kr rice cakes this time round, but it's like...
they changed owners? So, it's not as nice as before. They don't have the skills and experiences.

Was suppose to go bugis to have steamboat with jellybean's friends, but didn't.
After all the bubble tea-ing and talking with my cousins, it was like just nice? Jelly came out frm the rink.
So, we had dinner at the kou fu there instead.
the 4 of us, jellybean, jelly and setsu.

Actually bought bubbles to play with?
It's the soapy type? You blow through this wand thingy and creates bubbles?

We went to "Camp" outside indoor stadium, somewhere near the stairs.
Got chased by the security guard. aish.

Walked a little more, and found ourself back in Kallang Leisure Park?
Saw the others at Burger King, so sat them and rot a little, while chatting with them.

Xuan totally told us disgusting stories about murders and suicide.

Sat andrew car home~
Had a good night "walk" too <3



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