Saturday, April 16, 2011

4.37am 16th April 2011

This is cookie, I am recording the number of times I am vomiting.

Up to time, 5th time in a day. And it's not stopping.

I am touched that jellybean wanted to come over, but he is so tired. My crazy boy, thanks.

And love Jiayan for calling me right away when she knows I'm not feeling alright. She even wanted to bring me to the docs now; call my bf n tell him I want to bang the wall; call my house and tell Muamie dat I'm vomiting.
My crazy friend, but thanks for worrying and caring. Love ya.

I can't sleep now, and I am still trembling for don't know what since I off the air con already.
My legs are jelly liked.
And the room spun quite a few times.
And the migraine is bad.
I can't lie down, Cause theres this tight feeling at my chest, and I can't really breathe well if I lie down, it's already quite bad sitting up.

I am still alive and kicking since I can type this on my phone.

Such a drama mama burden queen I am.

Am going to vomit again.

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