Friday, April 29, 2011


Oh, before I forgot. 14.04.2011 Thursday.

I went for a hair cut, and got my hair reborned and dyed.

The ugly black roots were showing, quite obviously.
I didn't like them at all. And my ash faded off quite long ago, so it's the goldish color left on my hair?

I know I shouldn't dye and reborn my hair on the same day, but let it rest a few weeks.
Hairdresser said it was okay, so, oh well, I just need to wait for it to grow long, and trim them off.

Reborn keeps my hair tidy and neat. :D
I like it.

Anyway, I got my hair done by a home base hair dresser, mom recommended.
It's super near my house, like opposite yixuan mummy's Block only.
A 5-10 mins bus distance from Jurong Point?

She is fast, like real fast.
I got all the reborning, dying and hair cut done is like less then 3 hours or so?
Imagine the time you would have taken if you went to a salon, they just make you sit there and wait.

Here's her facebook link.

Her info page got her contacts and the price list.
Not that bad actually.

Oh, and it's in taman jurong area.

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