Friday, April 29, 2011

Dinner, I cooked.

17.04.2011 Sunday

Nothing really much actually.
I went Jurong Point to transfer money to Cally and Yin Kwan, and bumped into Alfred who happens to be doing some payment thingy or something.

So, we had brunch together at Mos Burger.

We talked a lot, hope that guy feels better now.
Sensitive topic, shall not blog about it here.
I am glad he can talk it out to me, so at least, not bottling up everything instead?
It's harmful to his body.

Waited for jellybean to come, Alfred was commenting he lives in Changi or something, took so long to come over.

So, I cooked Dinner.

Alfred was all alone at home, and daddy & mummy went out for dinner, I was in the mood.
So, I decided to cook and invited Alfred over.

Went grocery shopping at the NTUC downstairs.
I am like so not used to it, cause I been normally shopping at the NTUC X-tra instead?
Got too use with the layout, I am like a total lost rat in a maze or something.
Can't find my ingredients.

Nothing special, but the same old baked pasta.
With the french onion soup I wanted to try, with the touch of mine, I changed the recipe here and there.


It's a super cheesy dinner, and YEAH ALFRED finished every single thing :D

Love the soup seriously, but I didn't gauge properly, it wasn't enough for 3, just nice for 2 actually.

Oh, and I start to play Patapon on Jellybean's PSP.
It's super addictive looking at him playing for the past few days.

and so...

Uberhero's Pledge

The Patapons are in need.
I take the form of an Uberhero,
so that I may guide them to their rightful destiny.

As it has been time and time before,
I brandish my holy drum,
and will use it only for good,
to help the Patapons save this endangered world.

Whatever challenges may await us,
whatever dangers may befall us,
I shall call upon allies from parallel worlds,
and never abandon the fight.


28.04.2011 I gave up playing, cause I am into another game.

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