Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucker Punch

Watched Sucker Punch with my classmates on Thursday.
For the first time almost the entire class went?
It's like 15/19 of us. Cool ah?

and my marvelous classmates came out with patterns and stunts.
One row of the cinema seats can only contain 13 people, so they booked the entire row for them, and 2 couple seats for jellybean and I.
totally excluding us out.
It wasn't bad since we were sitting behind them instead. HAHA.
My first couple seat experience. ><

We kinda missed the front of Sucker Punch, showing how Baby Doll got in to the asylum.
I like how the ending is not something I expect of?
Love the colors they used, like seriously?
The color scheme is so pretty!!!!
I am so going to use them as reference for my other painting projects, if possible.

Jellybean and I thought Rocket was Alice from Twilight, but turns out not.
She's pretty too.

Loves the action too, but I think the choreograph can be better? I don't know. HAHA
But I do really enjoy watching the movie.

And I got my medicine from SGH.
Went there after class with jellybean before movie.
One pack of them, I am three months away from my next appointment.
So that's like 2 month worth of medications I took, not counting the endless times I missed them, till I have to keep some with jellybean, in case.

Muscle relax pills still "kills", seriously can't wake up on time this week, and I feel so lethargic.

I am glad I did do my homework, the HD assignment, I actually managed to finish the scheduling and shot lists stuffs, together with some thumbnails silhouette for Character Design.

I am way behind time for Sculpting though.
Should really stop "getting sick" too. ><

For a moment, I can't remember what we did after movies. HMMM

Oh ART FRIEND with waine, and then Dinner at taka, with all the weird gossiping stuffs ah ><

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