Friday, March 25, 2011

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First thing first, my endurance level just went up.
I managed to hold back my tears from orchard to jurong east.
I only started to tear up after jellybean alight.

I think this is the first time since we got together that I cried.
I even say goodbye to him at jurong east and did not drag him to boon lay with me.
He is already tired.
And nope, he isn't the one who made me cry or at least tear.
I just don't want to worry him by crying in front of him.

I know he sensed something wrong since he keep asking me what's wrong.
I always happen to have excuses.
I really need to grow up from all this crying.

It wasn't about anyone, okay, a little k?

I learn my lesson, to tell everyone everything?

I learn to keep things to myself now.
I learn it the hard way.

There are some things that are meant to say and some things aren't.

My own fault for sharing.
I thought they would just keep it to themselves then to share it with others, assuming I told them too.

Why must they say out stuffs like nothing had happen and its normal for them.

There are still things that I don't want others to know.
I choose people to tell.
Even if I do tell, I won't say everything.

I thought I could trust them enough to keep to themselves.
Don't just say it out infront of others.

I did not tell others about your stuffs right?
I did not just discuss about it in front of other people right.

I'm not angry, merely disappointed.

I only have myself to blame.
I learn it the hard way.

Maybe keeping things to myself will be better.
I will not share stuffs so easily after all.
Even though I might be uncomfortable by bottling everything up, but it's better than risking it.

A little confuse now, just let me disappear for the day.

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