Sunday, March 27, 2011

tired Saturday

with the new air con in my room, I am like totally enjoying my sleep this few days,
even without my medications, I tend to sleep in LOTS.
I am like awake, but I still stayed in bed today?
and yes, I was late for dance class again,
resulting in another cab ride to class from Redhill.
Totally burned my pocket?

I should really stop and limit myself to the number of times I cab?
Seriously, spending too much already.
It's like not worth it at all too?

I thought I will be late, but lessons didn't start till like 3.15 or so?
The class before always ends late ><

went for Japanese makeup class today too.
I always start debating with myself on the way there, whether to go or not, cause it's tiring after dance class, and I am very well tempted to just go home and sleep.

I went anyway, mind just totally blanked out, was wadapping preshiie throughout the class.
Nothing went in my mind after 7pm, and I wanted to go to the toilet badly.
Venti size Green tea latte from starbucks ><

I didn't attend nicole's 21st party @ sentosa.
I do feel bad. sorry nicole!

But then, it's all the way at sentosa?
And my class ended at 8pm?
and if I go, I will need to leave at 10pm or so?
and the duration I take to go there will be long too? not forgetting, the time I would take to go home.
Which is like, forget it, I don't think I will go already, plus Ban not going, so I don't have a ride there.

I went to find jellybean and his friends.
His friends gave him an early birthday surprise, so nice of them ah?
Went to mind cafe, played games.

I am still not tired now, but the migraine is there.
perhaps is because I didn't take any medication today?

Shall knit a little more and then eat my med and go to sleep.

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