Sunday, January 23, 2011


I met up with the stereo people again!
Like finally, after so long! busy with school and stuffs, it's nice to meet up with friends once in a while, but not like so damn long.

I was late again, >< the last one to reach to be exact, and I had to treat everyone a drink ><

BOOHOOHOO broke le la

We had korean food for dinner, ALVIN LIU u said Korean BBQ lor.
But, at least the food there is nice, and I don't mind going back to eat again.

Everytime I go out with the stereo clique, is food, food, food and more food + lots of gossiping n bitching + neoprints.
standard "itinerary" I would say.

We took neoprints again, shall scan it up tomorrow, I am too lazy to walk over to the vaio ><
(okay, its damn near, but I need to on the switch and turn on the scanner and etc.)

Had desert at Bugis, and then we continue eating at Macs to continue gossiping.
Mad crazy, we are.
Totally can not stop laughing the entire day.

I forgot to bring my medicine out though, so had to suffer the later part of the day trying to 'tahan' my headache.
Forcing my smile and trying to talk so I won't be too out-of-the-world.
The headache make me nausea, and so I vomited again. Damn irritating for me to keep vomiting.

Suppose to take cab haha, but took MRT home with Yiping, Soomin and Wayne instead.
Found a seat, and sat my whole way home. :D

Headache please go away.

Yan was at jurong point.
so I reached home, and actually washed up and changed, and changed back and got her stuffs.
(her belated christmas present with extra things I threw in) and went to Jurong Point to find her.
Had a quick supper and went home, since mum called and nagged at me to go home.

Now, I'm currently on skype with the guys in my current class.
They didn't know weeteng and I were in the conversation until I started talking.
That's 1 and 1/2 hour for you.
We muted ourself.

Now I am so tired, and drowzy, I guess the medicine is taking its effect.

Need to meet up with other friends soon, and I havent start my sewing and baking projects ><

Want to watch movies too, my Cathay vouchers are expiring soon.
Going to give them to Elson though, so weeteng n him can go and watch or something.

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