Sunday, January 23, 2011

trimmed and dyed hair

Dyed hair.
I forgot to mention that I dyed my hair on Tuesday.

It was super impromptu and random.

I was sleeping in that day, and refused to wake up even when mum was nagging and refuse to answer to any calls and stuffs.
I just nua in bed.

Vanda and Natalie decided to just come up my house for a surprise visit.
Apparently they called, once, but I didn't pick it up cause my phone was on silent mode.

Mum was so happy to see them and let them in, even though I was sleeping.
She was like, "come in and wake her up"


I wasn't really sleeping, just nuaing on the bed, so I practically jumped out and got out of bed when I heard their voices. -.-
When to wash up and had late lunch with them.

Natalie wanted to dye her hair, and so I being random, joined them.
Went JP to get the dyes and went to Vanda house.

Vanda was totally having fun, seriously.
shall just post pictures.

Bleached my hair, and dyed it ash.
should have bleached it brighter so my hair can be ash-ier.
But, i still love the outcome.
Love how my hair always look highlight-ed even thought its just a one color dyed over.

I looked like a bloody sec 4 just came out of school ah lian after we bleached my hair ><
I also had my hair trimmed on Sunday.


(it's this short now)

and I started camwhoring

and my bleached hair

cann't really see the ash though

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