Saturday, January 22, 2011

neurology appointment and the girls

Had my first visit at the Neurology department @ SGH.

Was like way too early >< my appointment was set at 3.55pm but I am there like 2 plus 3pm?
1 hour early.
At least I get to see the doctor first :D

My doctor is nice and friendly, and she is funny.
Another doc was in the room too, but omo, he is so charming :X to me at least.


So, doc say I got a migraine, so after all this years of headache, and my guessing, yep, I do have a migraine.
that means that I am under medication, daily medication.

At least the pill isn't big, but there are like side effects to it. ><

Amitriptyline HCL 10mg

and I get to eat Caffeine tablets for my serious headache if I get any. ><

Caffeine 100mg Ergotamine Tart 1mg

Shall go and google more on migraine. ><

Doc also say I need plenty of sleep, HOW?

Like how? am I going to get enough sleep with the busy life I have.

Went china town with mum to shop awhile :D
Got my fake bottom eyelashes. woots

Met up with Vanda and Natalie, was suppose  to go for this make up class thingy, but it was cancelled.
Like last minute.

Had dinner at pastamaniac, and then went back to Jurong Point to shop for clothes, cause Nat wants to get long sleeve shirt.

OH, I bought a tee, damn cute please.

Money please come in, I want more shorts, tees and shoes please.

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