Saturday, January 22, 2011


I finally been to UBIN, like finally.

Our class are like so random, we are like being impromptu again and decided to go to Ubin for a cycling and drawing trip.

It's like early in the morning, we decided to meet at 7.30am at Tampines MRT.
It's totally crazy, it takes me at least 50mins to reach there from my house.
Met up with Elson and SY at 6.30am at Boon Lay sowe can actually sit all the way there, I mean for them, since my stop is at Boon Lay.

I want to sleep but I just can't fall asleep ><, on the way to Tamp actually.

Met up with Melvin and Samuel at the station and took the damn long ride to Changi Village. OMFG 40mins bus ride?
Oh, and marvelous Samuel is listening to Bad Girl Good Girl too. Totally catchy.

Then met up with Jeremy and Marcus, and had breakfast while waiting for Weeteng, Sam and Ah boy to reach.

Spammed sunblock lotion :)
and I'm so glad I bought the cooling mist precious gave me ^^

(on the ferry to Ubin ~)

Apparently 2 of them don't know how to cycle, and Nakama got his phobia, so the 3 of them had to be ferried. LOL
And the aunty thought I was the one who do not know how to cycle. Like seriously? Do I look so weak or what?
I know how to cycle okay!

I almost lost my phone within like 15mins of the trip only? (from the time we started to cycle)
I kinda of fell in a way, half fall, but my bike fell on the floor, so apparently my phone fell out of my bag which was in the basket.
AND! I stupidly didn't realise till we reached like the first break stop. >.<

BOOHOOHOO How careless I am.

Thanks SY and Jeremy for cycling back for me to find my phone, THANK YOU, a lot a lot.
I am so damn happy I got my phone back. Phew.

We saw a wild boar, it's still a child, from what we hear, a few years old only. SO CUTE

named marcus Jr.

Drawing stop! We rested there and drew like stones and rocks -.- haha.
Took pictures of our reflections too.

Then we had a sleeping stop, we just fall asleep there, especially the guys who were up whole night playing dota, crazy.
I fell asleep too, the breeze and the shade. omo, just nice for a nap :)

(super gay only please)

We were hungry so we had to cycle back for lunch.
After all the uphill and pushing of bike, my legs were like jelly ><
Elson wanted to overcome his phobia, and I think partly cause i'm like so tired too, I swap with him and then Samuel ferried me, hoho.

Had lunch, which was kinda overpriced.
Took the ferry back. :D

(i only start to take this picture only after we start to leave ubin haha)

During late lunch we were still talking about going L4D, but when we reached back to changi, we were so tired.
Shared cab with SY and Elson home, totally zonk out. zzz

FUN FUN FUN, but so tiring ><

more photos :D

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