Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tokyo Treat July Box

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I love receiving parcels, it's like showering myself with presents.
I love subscription boxes. I never knew what's exactly gonna be inside and I always look forward to the surprises.

I love Japanese snacks and whenever I travel overseas, especially Japan, I would buy lots of snacks and goodies home. Snacks are a big part of my life and there's even a mini pantry at my office table.

So when I came upon Tokyo Treat online I knew I need to get it.

So this is actually my second box from Tokyo Treat. I didn't manage to review on the June box as I received it late due to some delay at the local post.

Like I mentioned Tokyo Treat is a subscription snack box service.
There are limited edition snacks like certain flavor of kit kats and seasonal snacks as well base on the month you subscribed too.

July theme was Beach Party! So the snacks revolves around the summer season. 

So Tokyo Treat comes in 3 different subscription plans and you get to choose the one that suits you.
Well, I am really greedy so I subscribed to the premium box. 

Now let me share with you what I got in my July box. 

I did a short unboxing video right here. 

Every box comes with a booklet.
Inside the booklet you can find the description of the snacks in your box, instructions to the DIY snacks, special item etc.

For the July edition, Tokyo Treat shared some of the Japan's best beaches since it's Summer themed!
How I wish I am in Japan now to visit those beaches. 

Every box comes with a Dagashi bag.
Combination of 4 random dagashi snacks and 1 umaibo.
Dagashi refers to cheap snack, it's main purpose is suppose to be cheap and filling. Thus making it popular with children.
Take umaibo as example, you can find them in Japan at a retail price of 10yen each, and they are sold in big packs of 20 (if I didn't remember wrongly) in snacks shops or places like Donki. 

A little rant here: I really can't understand why is it sold so expensive in Singapore for like around S$6 for a pack. That's like triple of the original ones in Japan.
I get it, there's like shipping costs and etc. I will just stock up when I head to Japan.
To receive umaibo in my boxes makes me happy.

I love umaibo, it's a puffed corn snack and a childhood flavor.
It comes in a lot a lot of flavor and my personal favorite is Pizza. 
I got the Takoyaki flavor in both my June and July box.

Here's what you can find the in "Small" box.
(from Top to bottom, clock wise)

Crunchy Corn Snack > Melon Cream Soda Candy > One's Bar Salty Vanilla Chocolate

I tried the crunchy corn snack and I just can't stop eating. It actually doesn't have a strong corn taste to me but it's really addictive. 

Here's what you can find the in "Regular" box.
(from Top to bottom, clock wise)

Savory Shrimp Rice Crackers > Pikachu Shaped Chocolate Puff  > Mini Watermelon Choco Chips > Awawawawa Puchho Ball - Soda > Mugikko Chocolate Barely Puffs

The Pikachu Shaped Chocolate Puff comes with a 1 of 40 collectible Pokemon stickers.
I got Aburi/Cutiefly. To be honest, I lost track of the newer Pokemon and have never seen this one before.

The Savory Shrimp Rice Crackers is a Wagashi snack.
Wagashi are snacks that are generally served with tea. So they make a good tea break snack as well!

I seriously think the Watermelon Choco chips are really cute.

Here's what you can find the in "Premium" box.
(from Top to bottom, clock wise)

Summer Annual Coconuts Pocky > Kiwi Fanta +E > Shakable Magic Jelly > Squishy Cat
> Bourbon Petit Pineapple Biscuit

The squishy cat is really cute and squishy. I got it stick on my cupboard now and it's just so adorable to poke at it.

I love the Pineapple biscuit!!!!
The pineapple taste is really strong and it reminds me of the pineapple tart that we eat during Chinese New Year.
My dad loves this snack too. I wonder if I can find it in Singapore. hmmmmmm

So that's my Tokyo Treat July unbox and shares!
I can't wait to receive the August box and wonder what goodies will I get inside.

Tadah for now while I indulge into my July box of snacks!

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