Thursday, June 29, 2017

ColourPop Hauls and Swatches

Previously I saw posts shared on how ColourPop having this free international postage and free lippies with (i currently dont remember how much) minimum spending. 
I just totally can't give up on this chance. 
ColourPop was familiar to me as I heard friends mentioning about it before plus bloggers that blogged and shared about their hauls.

Being at home with my hospitalization leave, I was so bored, so as I click away my shopping cart got filled with items, one bye one.
RIP my dear wallet/bank account.
I should really stop this habit of shopping online, adding items to cart. 
I just can't resist ><

The entire above cost me 91USD with free international shipping *faints* 

I am going to share some swatches of the individual products and Sochii from did a look on me with them!

All prices stated are in USD.

This palette is from their Nectar Collector

Blow Me Away: Pressed Powder Palette

$12.00 S18.00

Swatches (from Left to Right)
Take a Break : Duochrome peach with a subtle gold flip
Issues: Matte pastel peach
Centerfold : Matte vibrant coral
Slim Fit : Matte hot red coral
*Both Centerfold and Slim Fit are not intended for use in the immediate eye area.*

The pigments get absorbed easily, it's like a light dab and you can pick the colours up.
Those swatches on my hand is just one dab across the palette.
I love how the palette are really soft to touch.

This is also from their Nectar Collection

Phase 1: Lip bundle

$15.00 ($18.00 value)

Swatches (from top to bottom)
The Twirl : Ultra Matte Lip; pinky coral
Likely : Ultra Satin Lip; soft peachy nude
Up Do: Ultra Glossy Lip; true coral in a Creme finish

The lippies are really thick, I am so not used to lipgloss and lipstick actually
but Up Do seems really nice and surprisingly all three colors doesn't look weird on me.
(I think?????)

Here Comes the Sun: Super shock face duo

$14.00 ($16.00)

Swatches (from top to bottom)
Matryoshka: satin blush; a warm peach with a gold sheen
Summer Bonfire: satin highlighter; a champagne ivory

It's really soft to touch cause Sochii and I had fun pressing down on the palette feeling the texture.

Waffle: Highlighter trio
$16.00 ($20.00)

Swatches (from top to bottom)
Scrumptious: pearlized silvery baby pink

Glazed: Tie Dye soft ivory gold
Flexitarian: pearlized intense white champagne

I like how colour pop palettes are not very powdery
 so it doesn't spread all over or flakes and drop easily. It's like somewhat cream texture instead, 
really easy to pick up the pigment and apply because of that.

Here are my lippie stix and Crème Gel liner

From top to bottom

Birdy: Lippie Stix

It's really smooth, would think it should be like a lipstick kind of texture but it's actually quite glossy and buttery? Some of the comments in the page did mention that too. 
I have yet try it out to see how long it will last but i definitely love the nude pink color of this shade.

Creme Gel Liner $5.00 each
from top to bottom 
Exit Liner: White -
Kicker Liner : Silver -
No shame liner: Blackened Violet -
Swerve Liner: Onyx Black -

I am kinda worried that the gel liner might smudge easily looking at how the Swerve Liner swatch turns out to be, it's easy to apply definitely but need a few more stroke to get a more solid colour.

The only thing was that I expected the black to be darker. 

Sochii did a look with some of my colour pop hauls and my other cosmetics on hand.
I have never tried this type of look before or pink shades on my eye lids. definitely a new.
but, really really love the lippie colour here!

Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Gudetama - BB Cushion
Innisfree - concealer
Its Skin Macaron Sugar Powder Pact (Seasame Street Edition) - Press Powder

Contour - Canmake Shading Powder
Blush - colour pop lippie stix in birdy
highlight - colour pop here comes the sun palette;s summer bonfire and super shocked cheek's glazed

Lips - Birdy Lippie Stix & shockcheek's glazed

Innisfree - Brow Pencil
* Transition colour - Colour Pop Blow Me Away Palette: issues
* Inner and Outer Corner - Colour Pop Blow Me Away Palette: Centerfold
* Top shadow - Super shock cheek glazed
* Bottom out corner - centerfold and slimfit
* Inner corner - glazed

Eyeliner - Colour pop Swerve Liner & dollywink brown liquid liner

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