Monday, September 16, 2013

Vita Green :: Vita Hair


Thanks to Vita Green, I received three bottles of Vita Green New Formula Vita Hair.

Hair loss and greying are signs of aging, but you can even get them in early adulthood.

I have known friends and family members with hair loss and greying problems, and they are just around my age. (early adulthood)

There are many different factors can lead to hair loss and greying problems,
like :
 - Stress
 - Hormones problems,
 - Vitamin D deficiency
 - Even too much Vitamin E will affects it and etc.

Vita Green Vita Hair uses a herbal formula to halt hair loss and greying. 
With the addition of new herbal ingredients :
Fructus Ligustir Lucidi helps to improve nutrition supply to the hair follicles
Herba Ecliptae and Herba Cistanches help regulate internal balance
Carapax et Plastrum Testudinis helps to strengthen the kidney which in Chinese Medicine is the source of healthy hair.

Researches have proved that it helps to stimulate hair growth, and increases nutritional supply to the hair cells. 

Since it's made up of 100% natural chinese herbs, there are no side effects to it and is suitable for male and female.

Since I do not have any hair loss or greying problems, I passed the Vita Hair to my mum as grey hair are her worries.
After eating the capsules for 3 months, there are obvious changes to her hair.
The greying of her hair is slower than before and she do not have to touch up (dye) her roots every month. 
Thus, giving more confidence to her. 
She is still consuming and hope it will give her better hair growth and help more on the greying problems too. 

Manufactured in Hong Kong,

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