Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 - I AM IN!

Singapore Blog Awards 2013 is here!

Cookie is really delighted to scream out loud!


Looking back, it's been a year plus since I started to blog properly.
It's been tough and yes, I had lots of fun throughout.

Getting in to SBA2013 is a big recognition for me,
it just shows how the effort I put in are rewarded.

There are still so many things for me to learn and improve.
Especially my English typing skills, which I still tends to direct-translate-from-chinese now and then, not forgetting my lousy grammar.

I thank many of you friends and family and readers out there for supporting my blog throughout this one year.
Of course, the fellow bloggers whom I am close with, their endless support kept me going.
You know who you are, I love you people.

There are a number of bloggers that I knew are in SBA2013 too,
so happy for them too.

Getting into JBL Best Pop/Music Blog category came as a shock to me. 
Just look at the list of finalists!
Most of them are so "pro" in writing, and niche in music.
Mine, just a lifestyle blog, going through their blogs just make me feel how amazing they are.

I was really glad to find familiar faces in the category too, whom I knew from blogging!
Like 014, Noelle Mikazuki (
Mint Leong (
Tselyn (
and Bernard (

really nice to meet the others at the briefing too :D

Coming from what 014 (Noelle) say, a consumer point of view, I hope I can show you my view on pop/music.

Heh, I do have music background you know.

I was once in Chinese Orchestra since Primary 2 throughout Primary 6,
and on & off during my Secondary School days which I end up playing around instead.
I still do miss the time where I pick up my instrument and play.
There were times that I dreamt playing in an Orchestra, performing for others.

I guess since mum expose me towards music and arts since young,
I was easily attracted to classical music and such.
I love musicals, and am totally amaze by their vocals. 

Hmm, I like listening to covers and YouTube singers too.
Like David Choi, Jayesslee... etc

OH OH I was so happy to be able to listen to Jayesslee live last year during Youth Festival.
It was A-MA-ZING.

Okay, let's not forget fellow bloggers who does covers on YouTube too.

My fellow finalist for JBL Best Pop/Music Blog

Here's my favourite song of hers

Thanks to JBL, each of us finalists get to bring home 3 JBL Speakers, which cost around $200 each.

To be honest, I never knew about JBL prior to this.
You can totally imagine how shocked and amazed I was to know that JBL is everywhere.
Literally, E-VER-Y-WHE-RE.

They are in your car as speakers,
or movie theatres like in SHAW.


Each of us were given this 3 speakers :

JBL Charge



I brought the JBL Charge out with me for the Kukup trip.
Oh boy, I can't describe how amazing the sound are.

We used it in our car and it's like  just a speaker but it feels like surround sound system!
Too amazing. 

I was so thankful for the JBL Charge too for the charging function,
it totally save my phone from dying otherwise how do I use the map app in Malaysia,
we would have gotten lost!

Thanks JBL and for the speakers, 
can't wait to try the other speakers and enjoy my music and drama shows.
I do not need to rely on my earpiece any more!

Please log in and kindly vote for me here!!


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