Saturday, June 8, 2013

I made props for The 25th Cally.

There's a few birthday posts of my close ones I have yet to post, and here's one.


I know this girl since Poly Year 1 when I joined ISAN (Ice Skating Association of Ngee Ann Polytechnic) 
*YES we once had a Ice Skating CCA back in NP but.....* 
She was a senior to me and become a dear friend and a "muamie".

It's real nice how throughout the years we still keep in contact and became real close. 
LOVE THIS GIRL A LOT even though conflicts and arguments did happen. 
BUT THEN, like what people said, arguments do make people get closer.

It was her 25th Birthday, happened back in April.
Our clique tends to always give SURPRISE PARTY, and it's just for fun planning them.
The birthday girl/boy will never know what's going on or even know there's something out there waiting for them.
We just have to simply lure them out.

That was a job for said boyfriend of cally this time, aka. Edmund.

Anyway, I was just simply in-charge of making simple props so we can use them during photo taking sessions.

I did this before for our last year christmas party, 
and I thought we won't use them again so I threw them all away ><
Bad Move.
So here I was, rushing throughout the night making new props for the party.

HEH BEFORE I FORGET, all photos are taken by Casio EX-ZR700!!!
I don't even need to bother with editing the photos much, 
maybe some exposure due to night scene?

and heh, 
I really love playing with their art mode, lots of choices, different outcome. 

I practically make the props by hand.
DIY rocks.

My printer ran out of ink at the same time so I ended up coloring the props with markers.
It's simpler if my printer is working fine.

Cut the individual pieces out and laminate them.
I got my laminating machine at Giant a few years back, less than a $100 and it's working fine till now.

I let it go through the machine twice.

1. With the entire plastic sheet
2. Cut out, and go through again

Sticked my wooden chopsticks behind the props

and TA-DAH!

Back to the party, we had the birthday dinner over at Nosh.
Weeks/Days before Edmund was going through places that seems fitting for us to go.
(of course within our budget too)

9 Rochester Park
Singapore 139220 
+65 6779 4644

It's a nice place to chill and hangout at, with real nice ambience.
Food are wonderful too.
The only problem for me is that it get a little too warm there since there's much wind around the place?
Thank gosh for the fans otherwise I would have melted there.

I used the TOY CAMERA function for all my food photos here.
For once that really love Toy Cameras, I love this art mode.
(My Diana F+ and Fisheye can retire at home ><)

all I can say was. 

What's party without photos right?

Hope you had fun, dear Cally.

Next time, I will make better props and will remember to keep them safe.


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  1. I'm gonna buy this camera, dough! Quality so goodd! Cannot stand it! haha