Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ice Skating with the bloggers

A few weeks back some of us decided to meet up for a skating session.
There isn't much for me to write but just photos to show.

It's really nice to meet the others bloggers outside events.
Plainly meeting up and gather really makes me happy.
I just wish that the others could make it the next time.

We should really have more of such gatherings, shouldn't we?

From left to right (screen)
Damien aka Uncle Teh Peng

It's been going one year since I started blogging.
There are periods of time that I stop blogging for a few weeks and then return for a post or two and disappear again.

I never regret starting to blog properly (was blogging my random thoughts previously) and attending events.
I got to know more new friends and glad that I keep some of them close to me, especially dear girl Noelle and Regine, plus Damien. 
Even though Noelle is technically younger than me, she is like a older sister to me.
Regine and Damien are like my two younger sister and brother.
There's Chiro who I occasionally talk to too
Not to forget the others who I am really glad to know and meet them.
(Eileen, Tiffany, Miranda, Kiyomi, Queenie, Kiyo, Joey, Mag, Debra, Zerika, Shannon, Estelle, HuiYan, Verlyn, Herine and etc)
Love you people <3


  1. lol. wow what a special gathering!

    1. it's indeed fun to gather with friends with common interest :D