Monday, January 21, 2013

NEW! Biore Facial Foam

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Introducing you the
NEW Biore Facial Foam

Cleansing and taking care of your face is very important, 
as everyone is easily prone to get skin problems like
- Dryness
- Clogged Pores 

Skin problems are easily caused by 
Inefficient Cleansing, due to remnant dirt and chemical traces left on the skin
using Harsh Cleaning Agents that has harsh surfactant that penetrates the skin balance.

Thus, for flawless and well-balanced skin, 
Skin Renewal is very crucial!

With the 
NEW! Biore Facial Foam Series
you can get your skin improved in just merely 14 days!!

1. It has high cleansing ability VS other competitors. 
2. Low irritation as cleansing chemical does not penetrate skin 
3. The first cleanser that works to rebalance your skin
- reduce oil @ T-Zone (forehead and nose
- replenish moisture at U-Zone (cheek and chin)

I was gladly given the Mild and Scrub NEW! Biore Facial Foam to try out!

I love the texture of the MILD facial foam,
and indeed it's so smooth that after washing, my face feels way different and soft.
Plus, my face isn't dry after that.

Let me give you a little tip that I learned.
Lather your soap, facial foam/ cleansing foam before cleaning your face.
Lathering them into little bubbles foam actually clean your face better.
Our pores are very, very small, and by lathering the facial foam, 
you allow the small bubbles enter the pores and clean them up thoroughly instead of just the surface of your pores :D

Anyway look at the BEFORE and AFTER photo,
I know it's not too obvious, but my face is obviously cleaner!
Plus, my face feels smoother and more soft after using the SCRUB.

The little beads in the facial foam allow me to clean my face even better!

It's clearer on my hands!

Check out some examples of skin improvement in just 14 days!

More HYDRATED skin

Less clogged pores and reduction in sebum

Lighten marks and blemishes


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