Monday, January 21, 2013

Fat Boy's The Burger Bar

[food tasting]

Thanks to OPENRICE and Calvin (, I get to visit 
Fat Boy's The Burger Bar for a food tasting and burger making session!!!

187 Upper Thomson Road
6252 8780

Fat Boy's is a Burger Bar like what their name says, you get to order your burger like ordering drinks in a bar!
It's all about your own combination and selections!!!
You get to choose the bread, the patty and add-ons!

I am real excited cause I love burgers, plus!!!

Really love the place too, with nice ambience, it will be good place to hang out with your friends.

Entering Fat Boy's, we were greeted with some appetizers to start off the food tasting session.
Spicy Hot Drumlets  &
Chili Queso and Corn Chips

Too bad I don't eat spicy food :(
Initially I thought the Spicy Hot Drumlets were Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) and took a big bite to realise I was wrong and had to gulp down mouths of water.
Even though it's spicy for me, BUT the chicken does taste awesome, especially since it's fried till cripsy, the way I like it :)

We had Boss Bernie with us, who did a patty making demo and introduced us the different ingredients we will be using and how to make nice meat patties for the burgers.

A little tip from Boss Bernie, something that he learned from a food blogger.
Adding Pork Collar to the Pork meat makes it even juicier than before!!!
You should prolly try it if you want to make your own burger!

We got to have a go with making our own patties too!
So exciting!!
Thanks Noelle ( darling for helping me to take the photos!

and I actually tried to make my patty heart shaped.

Chit chat and get to know some of the other bloggers and the OpenRice team there while waiting for our patty to be cooked!
Shall share the photos taken with the others below.

I can't wait to share and show you people the burger!!!

SEE!! My heart shaped patty!
Oh-kay, I know it barely looks like a heart shape but.....I tried alright.
Fat Boy's people were very nice too, they helped me keep the heart shape there as much as possible while cooking!

The meat is really juicy !!!! 

Had mine with Sauteed Shitake Mushroom and Cheddar Cheese, while the bun is Honey Oat Bun.

I really, really love the patty.
Or perhaps, I made it myself :X

It's really nice and all burgers come with fries and lettuce & tomatoes.

Other than burgers they do have other main dishes too and a whole lot of drinks selection too!
Do try the burgers though, it's really juicy and tender!

People there are real nice too, so you will definitely feel welcome :)

A photo with Boss Bernie!!!! He is real friendly too!

and some photos with the others!!!

On the right with Hui Yan a new friend I meet (
and Marcus from OpenRice

with pretty girls Hui Yan, Estelle from OpenRice 

There were a few that I didn't manage to take photos with like
Amanda, Melissa and Verlyn.

A group photo before I end the post :D

UPPER THOMSON BRANCH187 Upper Thomson Road6252

They do have other branches too, so do check it out on their website, 
which you can take a look at the menu too!

Thank you calvin and OpenRice once again for inviting me!

WAIT WAIT, OpenRice is having a review contest,
and you, YES YOU, can enjoy a food tasting event like me too!

From now till 31st January

those who write 10 REVIEWS on OpenRice would automatically qualify themselves for a free food tasting session + a free scoop of udders ice cream

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  1. woots so nice can make the burger yourself!!! yummm :D

    1. it's indeed fun to try and make them myself!!! :)