Sunday, November 4, 2012

Raining in Saizeriya.

and so, I spotted Saizeriya at Toa Payoh Hub and brought the parents there for dinner today.

Dad and Mum love the food, and I was happily chatting with the parents. 
Suddenly dad went.

"Raining~" -Dad

He just said it so casually,
So mum and I kinda took it like, it was raining outside or something.


I raised my head and looked infront and was extremely shocked.

Water was falling off the lights on the ceiling, one by one.
We were just stunned.
Everyone else drop their utensils and just stares.

Those people sitting directly under the lights practically jumped away.

I am like.

"omfg, the next light is ours, what if it 'rains' too"

and so it did.
If you were there, you could practically see us jumping away, grabbing our stuffs,
running away as fast as possible.

Like wtf?
The water just continue falling off lights by lights.
The waiter and waitress were all shocked too.
Chefs were coming out of the kitchen wondering what happened.

It wasn't enough with just pails and trays to contain the dripping water.

wait, it wasn't even dripping.


Just freaking look at this.

The saddest thing,
we haven't even finish eating our food
and the water just 'SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH' all on our half eaten dishes. 
It was so damn saddening since it was my favourite dish.

Then the ceiling actually cracked and water was gushing out like freaking waterfall.

Everyone freaking panicked.
The waitress and waiters ushered us out, and rushed all the payment.

We didn't had to pay though since our food were only half finished.

When we left, mum was freaking panicking cause she left one of the shopping bags there.
I had to rush up.
Everything was dark. 
The place was like flooded. 
I had to tiptoe and tell the people there?
They were flashing their phones trying to find but couldn't find anything.
Asked me to leave my phone number instead.

I was drenched, hair was dripping wet.
My shoes were soaked, socks were splashed.

Dad was like,

"mum put it in the car" -Dad

Oh man. 
My sotong mummy.

It's scary.
I could see that all the waiters and waitresses panicking and not knowing what to do.
They were in a loss too.

From the point of view, the restaurant most likely going to be closed for a few days or even week for renovation.

Please do not go to Toa Payoh for Saizeriya these few days. 

Man, what an experience tonight.
Especially for the parents, their first time at Saizeriya.

I think dad is gonna buy 4D with their plate or something.

HDB Toa Payoh
190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
(S) 310190

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