Saturday, November 10, 2012


This is the first time that I actually dressed up for Halloween.

I love Halloween this year!
I had lots of fun, met my friends, and partying were crazy too.

Went USS with the Art Fusion classmates this time, with Jevon joining us.
Dinner at Vivocity, rushing into Sentosa, Resort World. 
Taking lots of photos, trying not to get scare.

Queue was a nightmare.
We ended up queueing for 2 hours just for one haunted trail.
I even got myself a hotdog while waiting.

Chasing mummies for photos.
Buying lots of Reese and chocolates too!

Anyway, I am just going to spam photos. 


Then there's Halloween with my beloved tikoz crew.

I was so excited!! 

Some of us headed to Chelsea's house to prepare before meeting the others.
I brought almost all of my cosmetics there, especially the eye shadows.
The majority of us were all there though.
Watching YouTube tutorials, putting on the make-up, painting on the face paint.

Here are some videos that we watched and learn.

We actually ordered costumes, the few of ur girls, however the shipment was delayed and thus we had to find an alternative back up plan too.

Do we looked scary to you?

Headed towards Attica to meet the others.
Chipped in and we got in to the VIP area with some other friends.
There were like at least 20 of us there.

I drank a little too much and ended up puking instead.
Nevertheless, it was still a fun day with the crew.
Drama max too, but shall not say anything else for privacy and imaging problem.

I don't have much photos and I ended up spending my night mainly trying to vomit out almost everything.
It was still fun though, going Attica with the crew.
No drama next time though, am wishing.


and then the finale, part III.

We just wanted to gather and meet up with friends whom we haven't seen for awhile.
Thus, we ended up at Badens for some beer and chicken wings + nutella tarts.

Some of the girls had fun decorating and carving the pumpkins while the others just chill around.

Love the friends and hanging out with them <3

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