Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finally, F1.

Overdue post of F1, Day 01. 2012.
Better late than nothing :X

I know the post is late.
BUT. HOORAY. I am finally at F1.

F1 had been in Singapore for a few years but I never had the chance, nor the money to actually attend it.
This year was lucky, I managed to get in with the company I am working with!!!
It's really nice of them to offer to bring me to visit the area.

Dramatic, like I mentioned before, I fell there, quite badly actually.
I wasn't very much in pain but more from embarrassment.
I actually sat on the floor for at least 10minutes or so I think.
The sudden shock numbed my legs and my old injury, poor knee ligament, swell again.
Till today, it haven't sub yet, but kinda know why.

Anyway, here are the photos from F1.
It's loud, crazy, fun and YES EXCITING.
I was already HIGH when I exited the MRT station.
Hearing the loud engines going VROOOOM.

Please bring me back again next year.

I don't know where I pluck up the courage to do so, but yes I took this photo alone.
Actually walked up to the crew and asked for a photo to be taken.

I was alone at that point of time. Did it again after Elena arrived.
Incase you are wondering, Elena is my current colleague. Real talented girl here as a Illustrator.
Check out her work here >>

I don't have great photos, but nevertheless, the experience being there was awesome.
There wasn't races during day 01 for F1, but practices and the Porsche Carrera Cup

It was pouring afterwards so we didn't really walked much.
(This was before Elena arrived)

I think I looked funny like this, it's like being in a large rubbish bag.
I seriously swear that there were people who cut holes into the black rubbish bag and used them as poncho.

And then, there was F1, forget about good photos.
I went there with only the 550D and the kit lens, plus lots of Diana F+ lens which I didn't use.

Here's the GIF again.

The clearer photos were taken from Elena's.

Didn't attend any of the concerts/performances though. Would love to watch Jay Chou live, not that I am crazy over him or what, but the experience will be great.
Then again, what is there to complain when I actually get to visit the place itself, and watch the car vroom by.

and here's a unglam funny photo of me sitting on the floor while waiting for the medic to arrive.
Elena make me take that.

L O L. can't explain the irony of this photo -.-

and headed towards McDonald's to eat my first meal of the day @ 6pm while waiting for Vicki to meet me.

I am such a troublesome kid.
Thanks Elena, really appreciated much!!!
If she wasn't there with me, I will most probably be crying and feel real bad and lost and everything else.

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