Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fight Osteoporosis with OsteoMilk & OsteoSoy

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Do you know that Osteoporosis Day is on 20th October?

A lot of people out there are actually lacking of calcium or not taking enough.
Take me as an example, I'm lacking of calcium are currently drinking soy milk plus taking calcium pills.
Yet not everyone realize that.

Calcium is VERY IMPORTANT to us, it helps to build strong bones!
If you are lacking of calcium, in long run you will really suffer from it!
Especially skinny people!
A small fall to others might actually be fatal for you instead!!
Even worse still, getting Osteoporosis!!

However it's not too late yet!!!
All you need to be hardworking!
It's simple and easy too!

Introducing, OsteoMilk and OsteoSoy!

With OsteoMilk, you can have your daily intake of CALCIUM!!
Fret not for those who are lactose intolerant like me!
There is OsteoSoy too!!!

OsteoMilk and OsteoSoy are HIGH IN MILK CALCIUM!
Actually not all calcium comes from milk, some are artificial.
OsteoMilk and OsteoSoy are calcium from cow's milk!

Not only that!
Collagen are good for the skin!!!
Girls who wanna be pretty, you need it!
Of course, guys need them too! Who don't want pretty skin right?

Plus marine collagen are extracted from fish!
So, halal friends out there can consume too!!
By the way, it's halal certified too!

andddddd~ it's LOW FAT!
Weight conscious people can consume them without worrying!

Even healthier!

It's all about health!!

As I said before, everyone needs calcium.
With OsteoMilk or OsteoSoy,
2 Sachets a day = Daily calcium intake (adults)

Please do take note that
Do not use hot water as it will spoil the properties of the collagen!!

You can also add ice like what I do though!
Good for warm days, especially in Singapore~

I will be sharing some simple and easy recipes with you people using OsteoMilk and OsteoSoy!
It can be more than just a simple drink.

There are also free bags given out with OsteoMilk now!!!
So do check it out, but fret not if you are wondering how it taste like!


Guess what?
For readers and friends of COOKIEOLOGIC out there can get to try it!
Simply claim your sample sets now!
(for the 1st 30 responses only)

NOTE : 1 set per household only!!!!

Simply EMAIL your 'NAME & HOME ADDRESS' to :

With the subject :
"Fight Osteoporosis with OsteoMilk & OsteoSoy"

Here's an example I created for you people!!

To :
Subject : Fight Osteoporosis with OsteoMilk & OsteoSoy  
I would like to claim my OsteoMilk & OsteoSoy from!!! 
Name : - insert name -
Address : - insert address - 
Thank You!

So, go get your sample of OsteoMilk & OsteoSoy now!!

I will be also sharing some simple and easy recipes too!!
So do check back okay?

OsteoMilk and OsteoSoy can be found in FairPrice Outlets :)

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