Sunday, October 7, 2012

Domino's Mega Take-Away Offers Bloggers' Party

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Once again, I attended Domino's Bloggers' Party!!!
There are actually quite a few Domino's event, but due to location I have only attended once.
This time I went again!! Even though it's far but most of my bloggers friends are going and working at Newton it's like traveling half way already.

Thanks and Domino's for the invitation!!!

It was a PIZZA party and in conjunction with Domino's 3rd Anniversary, Domino's is having a mega week offer!!!

From 5th to 7th October 2012, Domino's having a mega take away offer!!
It's 50% OFF selected PIZZAS!!! (Terms and conditions applies)

Seriously, it's really worth it, you save more than $10 on each pizza!!!
So go down to your nearest Domino's store now!

Check out more details here :

The party wasn't just about the mega take away offer, also to announce the winners for the
Sad to say, I didn't win. WHY YOU NO SUPPORT ME.
There will be round 2 though, please do support me this time round ya?

This is Chrissie from Domino's Pizza KL. She is real nice and friendly and always giving us a lot a lot.

William won the grand price of $1,000 and a Pizza party for 20 pax!
It's crazy, the amount of pizzas sold with his code it's like 2000+ while the total amount of pizzas sold (with all the bloggers code) was 3000+
Just look at the percentage la.

Jamie won too.
Top 10 also includes Damien aka Uncle Teh Peng, Tiffany and Eileen!

Domino is always nice when it comes to Pizza Party.
They just shower us with lots of Pizzas and sides, and topping up whenever there are not enough food or when we just mention how XXX is very nice.

It's like all we said was how nice certain side dish is, and they just inform the kitchen straight away and next thing you know, the sides appear right infront of you!

You will really feel welcome whenever you dine with Dominos.
Even when my apps order went wrong, they called me immediately to fix it.
I don't even have to call them myself.

Anyway, photos of fooooood.

The amount of food was almost endless, we ended up packing them up and taking away.
Do not want to waste food.

Not forgetting photos with the other bloggers :)
Photos taken with my badly dropped iPhone 4 front camera, thus bad quality :(

with Jamie (left) and Tiffany (right)

with Eileen (left) and Noelle (right)

with Uncle Teh Peng (left) and William (right)

with in-charge Alvin, I have never taken a photo with him before till now.
He's a blogger too.
and not forgetting Domino's Chrissie. 

Remember to visit Domino's and start ordering your pizzas!!!
Do wait for the next round of Inter-Blogger competition and get 50% off pizzas with the bloggers code!!

Ending off with a group photo. :)
We are all happy with the amount of pizzas we ate.

Once again, thanks and Domino's for the invitation and congrats to the winners :)

Gonna order myself some pizzas after I recover.

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