Monday, August 6, 2012

Doraemon's birthday. A hundred year earlier.

Just look at the title of this post and you should know what I am going to blog about!

Okay. I look weird in the video, maybe because I was looking at the computer screen instead of the camera.
It's like with the hair and my nose, the spectacles is covering my eyes, oh, and with the angle.
I know, I kept saying "anyway", it's still a little weird for me to "talk" to the camera.
still, I TRIED! and it will be better next time, I hope!

Yes, a hundred year earlier, since doraemon is a futuristic robot, he isn't born till 3rd Sept 2112
and that's 100 more years to go!

In conjunction with Doraemon's 100 years countdown to his birth, 
Harbour City in Hong Kong is having an exhibition celebration
"100 Years Before the Birth of Doraemon!"

From August 14 to September 16, Harbour City in Hong Kong will host the exhibition.
The exhibition will be Hong Kong's largest celebration in honor of DORAEMON!!!
Doesn't it reminds you of your childhood?

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To me, no matter which year you are born in, doraemon is part of your memories.
Even mummy and daddy knows it. 
Everyone knows the theme song, whether you actually watch the anime or not.

I still remember the times watching it on our local tv channel when I was way younger, perhaps still in kindergarden.
I am not a fan of the collectible but always am a fan of the manga and anime series.
Till now I am still chasing the manga series, re-reading the old chapter tons of time, wondering what will happen, if it's actually happening around me.

The little things going on the manga make me laugh a lot.
Like Gian sings, and everyone had to suffer.
Or Suneo showing off his stuffs, and nobita will feel inferior about it.
and especially how nobita, tries to gain attention from Shizu-chan too

Doraemon isn't just about doraemon, the friends play apart to make the story exciting.

and not forgetting the little sister of Doraemon, occasionally appearing to help doraemon and nobita!


Isn't it gonna be awesome when there is an exhibition going on?
Aren't you excited like me?

Harbor city has partnered with Animation International Ltd. supported by Fuiiko Pro and ShoPro and their creative partner AllRightsReserved.Ltd to bring you this exhibition.

The most exciting thing about this exhibition is that they are going to display

That's not all. 
3 different settings with be set up at different parts of Harbor City, showing famous chapters of Doraemon.
"The Night before Nobita's Wedding!"
"Goodbye. Doraemon!"
"Memories of Grandma"
Fans of Doraemon should be familiar with those.
It's like bringing Doraemon live to you!!

I am very excited to actually look at those gadgets!!!
I want a Doraemon's pocket too ><

There are lots more stuffs going on!!
There will be a Doraemon themed cafe during the period of exhibition, so fans can enjoy specially themed dishes which include a Doraemon spaghetti and hamburger set. 
It's doraemon everywhere around you.
Fans will also be able to buy a limited edition souvenir plate home too!
Not to mention other souvenirs like umbrella, t-shirts and mugs!

Like I say before, no matter how old you are, doraemon is part of our memories, 
everyone know him!
Harbor City will be also having workshop session that kids and their parents can join in designing and creating their own doraemon figures home!

How I wish it's already August 14 and I am in Hong Kong attending the exhibition in Harbor City now.
The last time I been to Hong Kong was at least 5 years ago, and there are so much stuffs that are changed!

Obviously, shopping and eating.
It's like the tagline 
literally, buy everything, eat everything!
okay, maybe not everything, but still...

Imagine attending the Doraemon exhibition and at the same time shop and eat everywhere in Hong Kong.
Looking at Harbour City website and I am already excited!
There are so many things to eat and so many things to buy!

Readers must be cursing me right now for tempting them to go right?!?!
Ahem, it's 120SGD++ to fly to Hong Kong (from Singapore) during that period of time with Tigerairways!

Before I forget, there's the dim sum that I will want to eat if I am there,
oh oh and my almond paste, almond cookie, laopo bing and such.
Can't wait to get my hands and eyes, on the gadgets.
Also, if possible to join the workshop and bring a doraemon figure home! hehex.
and to be in a doraemon world, having my meals in the cafe.
okay, there's endless stuffs that I want to see and do there in Hong Kong, harbour city!
Fulfill my cravings for dimsum, shopping, and DORAEMON gadgets life!

It's even more tempting when my friend just returned from
Hong Kong, today!
How I wish I had joined her then.
But then again, if I had went with her, 

Anyway, I managed to dig out this from my piles of discs.

This was given to me from my Primary School buddy during Primary School.
That's like 10 years ago and I am still keeping it with me!!!!

It's a series of Doraemon movies in Chinese.

(seriously, as I am typing this, the theme song is playing in my head.)

It's like I can watch, and watch, and watch the movies without getting sick of it!
Yeah and of course, reading the manga too.

To be honest, I may not be a crazy fan of Doraemon, but still
it was part of my childhood, my memories
and still entertaining through out the years, which I am now 22,
even with just the manga going on.
It's a fantasy with brings you entertainment from the stressful world and makes you wonder what 
future technology can do if all the gadgets are real.

Don't you wish to have some gadgets too?

Like for eg.


Everyone should be familiar with the Take-copter.
it's the most common gadgets that doraemon and friends used!
it's their main mode of transportation in the story.
practically can go everywhere with it!
imagine having this, we don't even need to worry about traffic jam after. :x

Not forgetting the 4D pocket. 
Please tell me you know what it's for.
Obviously, it's connected to the 4dimensional world, opening a space for them to travel easily.
It's funny, cause nobita always seems to travel to places that he isn't suppose to.
Like, to the bath room where shizu-chan is bathing at the same time.
Never failed to make me laugh.

It's damn awesome to live underwater too, with this inflatable UNDERSEA TENT, which includes 6 private rooms and a living room too!
Remember this gadget from one of the movie in the series I have.
Nobita's Monstrous Underwater Castle

Okay, I need this.
I am known to have short tempers, and my tempers aren't that good at home.
Perhaps taking things for granted too easily, and I am sorry for that, especially to my parents.
so this MOOD ORCHESTRA would be the best gadget for me!
Depending on the mood you want, the orchestra will play and affects your mood!
So, if I have this with me.
 no more mood swings!
no more short tempers!
happy family!!!
everyone will be happy,
and things will be smooth for me too!

Oh man, now I really want to see those gadgets exhibited, and I am like guessing in my mind which 100 will be displayed.
Definitely the take-copter right?

So, bring me to HONG KONG for the exhibition in Harbour City, and let me bring Doraemon back home with me :)

I know you are interested, yes you! reading this
and want to know more about the exhibition ya?

Venue : Gallery by the Harbour - Shop 207, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui (next to Fendi)
Date : 14 August - 16 September 2012
Time : 11:00 to 21:00 (Monday to Sunday)
Harbour City Hotline : (852) 2118 8666

incase you are wondering WHERE, so I printscreen google map!!

So Doraemon fans, please don't miss the chance for the exhibtion, it's like once in a lifetime.
You won't get a "100 year early celebration" anytime you want you know!!!
So go down to Hong Kong, Harbour City this August 14 to September 16 for the exhibition!
You won't regret, cause I know, 
if I am there, I will be enjoying my time there.

credits to Doraemon 100 facebook page.

see the 4D Pocket is already right outside the venue, in Hong Kong, harbour city!!!
oh man, I want to be there taking a photo with it.

A hundred year earlier to the birth of Doraemon.
and here's the episode to it that I found on doraemon wiki.

You can also visit their Facebook page for more details.

I am trying not to go to their facebook now, cause it's full of Doraemon photos and merchandise.
I would love to have any one of them!

So see you there......hopefully?

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ps. to friends who want to borrow the movie series, I will be glad to lend it to you :)
just let me re-watch them first. hehe