Sunday, June 10, 2012

Domino's SG application launch PARTEH!!

[sponsored event]

Was kindly invited for Domino's SG application launch party by both Domino's and on Thursday, 7th June 2012 at the Singapore Flyer.

To be honest, I kinda mix up my dates and thought that the event was next Thursday instead.
I was practically rushing as I previously agreed to go for a "photo shoot" with Jelyna at Botanic Garden on the same day.
It wasn't helping when Botanic Garden is real big, and we have to spend time walking just to get a cab, not mentioning I was in my wedges.

I was really excited, like seriously, my close friends all know that I LOVE PIZZAS, and I always wanted to go for any of the Domino's Pizza event just that they were all so far away or I couldn't make it at all.

Not only that, was real glad I had friends going to the event too, which I actually only found out when I reached there.

Domino's Pizza Launches iPhone App 
Soft-launched on May 1, the application make it to be the number 1 lifestyle app in Singapore within three weeks, with more than 20,000 downloads attracted. 
It's the first international pizza company to introduce pizza delivery service and it's famous pizza tracker known as the Great Pizza Service Tracker (GPS Tracker) for online ordering.
Thus, customers are able to view the status of their orders.

you can download the app via App Store or iTunes.
(clicking the image above will link you to the website to download too)

It's totally free so do not worried!

Took a video recording to show you how to download and what you can find in the app!

Did I even mention!?!?

photo credits to Domino's

The people at Domino's was real nice, and very, very generous.
I really meant it when I say generous, just look at the amount of pizza and sides they catered just for all of us.

okay, now I am hungry again while blogging this. haha

and my newly made friends, excluding joyce, eating happily.
from left to right,

and Jamie

settled down and the Domino's peeps start introducing the application to us.

You know what's the best thing about Domino's?
They assure you that their pizza will come within 30minutes after ordering.

Thus, they did a little demo and ordered on the spot.
While waiting for the pizza to arrive, we went on to the FLYER!

and we just can't seems to stop taking photos too.

with the girls.
I just can't seem to explain how much I love this photo.
Girl group photo! *thick skin, stabs*

some of the other bloggers in the same capsule.
I am sorry but I don't know the other two ><

and this is what you must take when you are up the flyer and especially at night/evening.
night scene of Singapore.
Ain't the lights making the entire picture pretty?

So damn proud of myself, cause I used the manual focus for this.

we went back to find out the pizza guy is already waiting for us already!
I didn't took any photos though.

and tadah, Mr Mascot for the iPhone App. 
It's so cute!

took photo with Tiffany :)

and a group photo with the Mascot and all the bloggers :D
can you spot me?

I can't stop saying how nice they are, cause even with Pizza and the flyer, we had dinner in one of the restaurant at Flyer too.

I was so full from all the pizza but seriously thanks them for organising the entire event!

Most of us just crowded there talking to each other.

Took some polaroid with the bloggers too and Janet :)
Haven't got time to scan but here's one photo.

Once again, thank you Domino's Sg and for the invite for the awesome event!
It's really fabulous to hang out like this and meet new great friends :)

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