Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skating once again.

I haven't been skating since god knows when, and it's the holidays so might as well skate before school reopens again.

I was really happy to see most of my friends there? Like Emily and Cally who haven't been skating quite a while, or I haven't see them for quite a while, especially Emily.

I didn't really spend much time skating, I admit.
Somehow, excuses much, the skate hurts me lots. The others said that I haven't been skating much so the skates are still very new, thus need breaking in.

I need to "bake" the skates and make it fit to my feet, otherwise it will always hurts me.
YESH, You can bake ur skates!
There is actually a oven cater to it? You actually heat the skates up so the material inside get softer?
You wear it and tie it really tight so it can form to you feet.
So it's like breaking in, in a way or another.
DIY version, we do it with the hair dryer.

No much photos but...

cally muamie
Cally muamie actually got this super kickass big Kinder Surprise!!! From evelyn~
On a side note, I hope she feels better.
Cally was having a fever that day, so we kinda take it as an excuse and ate most of the chocolate egg for her :x
We were suppose to go Zouk for Pendulum that day with Tonton, Duval and the guys. HAHA
That's another story.

I really need to train my stamina, and really exercise more and get the confidence back so I can skate more freely and learn back all the stuffs I lost and forgot.
I really miss the days while we skate in Jurong?

That was the place where I used to hang out from Secondary school to Poly till it went down.
Making it better when the CCA members get discounts? Practically skate at least once a week if possible.

Friends I make there were treasures, people like Cally for example <3
She is like the first few senior I managed to know and we got on really well.
Friends like Alicia, Macy, Kelvin, Andrew, Calvin, Emily, Alex argong are all dearies as well.

I shall dig some photos up later.

Papa Al bought two of kids along and muamie happily took photo with him.
Isiah and Cally
When the kids come, they are well pampered by us. HAHA.
They are like the 3rd gen. Count the parents as 1st. we 2nd?
I know there are even older ones...

Maggie and I

Joyce aka Sochii cheated my feeling and appeared with Derek!
Derek cheated my feeling too, he said he was busy.
All Joyce asked was about the skates not skating. DAMN

I am still glad to see them appear though. NONSENSE. mehs.

damn u joyce, I am make up less that day lor
Derek the foreva wall-blender

Shit, I like the word wall-blender cause it sounds much like wall bender. Airbender anime much.

Had dinner afterwards at Kou Fu, Derek and Tonton went off to meet their friends after dinner.
The rest of us headed down to Holland V for some chill and drink instead :D

Food was really nice and I like the beer, Erdinger, that they got.

my mojito and calamari rings
with Edmund and Cally
I just cannot resist the temptations to tease the two of them.

Anyway, this was at Badens at Holland Village.
The beer are 1 for 1 before 9pm and 4 for 3 after 9pm for Erdinger, actually I don't know about any promotions for the other brands, so just drink Erdinger k.

Tired much, can't wait to skate when JCube opens!!!!

On a side note, I think this will be the last time I skate at Kallang.


  1. my first and last time ice skating @ kallang was 2008 when I first moved to Singapore LOL

    1. oohh.. wait for the one in Jurong opens! It's way bigger!