Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything with Fries.

I told ruiting I will start with her big photo
Wednesday, modeling crazy day.

Townhouse rendering is crazy, especially with AO.
We had our little render farm in school. Running around finding computers to render, and moving around to check whether it crashes or not.
It took me 3 computers to get mine done, with only 200 frames.
Imagine Arthur, I think I will probably kill myself or something.

I was glad I managed to get everything done?
HOWEVER, I need to re-render some of the layers, like. MY HORROR. AO.

Anyway, during the 3 hours spare time.
Ruiting accompanied me to Holland Village to get some decorations for my sunday 21st party.
The main thing was to find a cookie monster balloon.

something like that. cookie monster balloon
Sad thing is, they didn't have it there :(
So, I just bought three packets of balloon. Now I think about it, I think it's quite ex.

I think Ruiting had a sudden craving or something, or since we were going to Holland V? She wanted to go Everything with Fries.

To be honest, I never been to Everything with Fries before, but I heard about it tons of time.

 So, she got this Grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and I got this salmon in a bowl thing.
I thought it was curry at first.
She got curry fries and I got Sour Cream and oninon.

ours :)
 The portion is quite big right? For an average of $12?
I was so damn full with the fries.
I love the salad, especially the bread.
Fries, was alright, but it was way too dry for me?
I had to gulp down water.
The taste was strong, I think with what I ordered? It was kind of salty throughout.

I am so going to go back and try their nutella tart. RUITING?


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  2. LOL MY RETARDED FACE! But EWF food not bad right? :D