Monday, December 19, 2011

21st Birthday Party Aftermath

credits to Ruiting

I am dead tired, but I am really happy :)

I had fun, and really appreciated for those who came, even when it's so late at night, they made an effort to just turn up and say hi and to wish me "Happy Birthday"

Technically speaking? My actual birthday is on 20th Dec, this tuesday.
However, I got class til 4pm that day.

This year party were full of laughters, no tears, oh maybe, from joy and fun and humour.
It's just a happy birthday party that I really felt very, very, fortunate to have.

Without my family, relatives and friends, all this wouldn't have happened.
I was a bad host, bad with time control, my friends got there earlier than I did.

I could like to do a shout out to those people, who came down early, specially to help me.
Without you people, I would die trying to set everything up, setting up the cupcakes and decorating the place.

Thanks my cohort 9 people, Patricia, Weeteng, Alfred, Dee, Karina, Leonard, Ruiting, Samyutha, Yonghui.

Thanks the plaza people, for coming early, and had to get the balloons blown up because of me.
I am sorry for bad time planning.

Thanks tonton for helping me get extra stuffs when it was so last minute.

Thanks dom for helping me take all the photos. I can't wait to see them all, it's still loading, damn slowly -.-

Thanks everyone who turned up :)

I had fun unwrapping all the presents, even clearing up stuffs, just being there to chit chat with you people.
I am sorry that I didn't had enough time for everyone out there, but I really appreciated it a lot.

Thank you very, very much people.
Without you, nothing would have been done, and the party won't be going on.

credits to cousin, peirong
I will blog a proper post, when I get all the photos from here, there, and everywhere.

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