Friday, December 2, 2011

21st Birthday Wish List

Hi people, my 21st Birthday is coming :) *throws confetti*
I was suppose to write my wish list awhile ago, but I just kept on postponing it.

Anyway, if you are too lazy to read through, just skip this post.
For those who are coming, you can like just give me an ANG BAO and VOUCHERS if you do not want to go shopping, plain lazy, or do not know what to get :X

IT'S my 21st birthday right?
anyway, friends asked me to write it up so they know what to get me.


I used the sample I got from facebook and I am in love with
AMETHYSTORY's Mineral Aqua Gel shall talk about it in another post.

and Cure's Natural Aqua Gel, this is something I can't afford, though it's a great investment.

I still love OPI's nail polishes, so any color will do, really :) I do like the matte one more though ^^

and people, you know how sensitive my skin are, and I do get rashes and injuries easily, thus I would like to get rid of all those scars pigment I accumulate on my poor legs. Scar removal cream are real expensive, and the good ones are not sold directly in Singapore.
BUT, yeah, they do international shipping, so, REVITOL Scar Cream please.

I really do love masks too, even though I don't use it often anymore, and I got lots of them, I still want more.
Greedy right? Specially love the Aloe Vera and Green Tea masks from Etude House.

I love my nails, so any form of MANICURE and PEDICURE sessions, please DO BRING ME.
Be in express to classic or even to gelish.
There are like so many groupons out there you know.

Oh, and MASSAGE sessions too, if possible. My body aches a lot, real lots.

Perfume, and yes, I am sensitive to fragrance, but yes to a particular brand, JUICY. I am just collecting them for the bottles, so, they will just be sitting there.


I love to read actually, so can I wish for a Kindle Fire or/and iPad 2 please.
So, I could actually surf and draw with the later.

I need new mouse too,how about Razors?
Actually I do not know anything much about mouse(s) so please intro me? Or give me some hardware store vouchers. Yeah, that will be nice too.

Oh, and earphones too, with mic if possible ><

I don't know where I should list this, but I want more Fujifilm Mini Instax Film please. Be it plain or colored or Disney.

TOY CAMERAS will be nice, it's still saddening that I broke my 4 frame in China. I got my Diana F+ and Fish Eye II so not this two yeah.

iPhone 4 covers will do nice too. Purples or black ones if possible? I always drop my phone, so I really do need back ups.


Let's just settle with Amazon/Kinokuniya gift cards or vouchers, cause there are so many books for me to list.
Perhaps, any sort of concept art book? I do have Tangled, so any other than that.
Especially those from Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Studio Gilbil... those few, you know what I am talking about yeah?

Some magazines will be nice too, I like National Geographic and Discovery.
Also, 3D world, Cinefex, imaginefx. yeah those few.

Mangas, like those by Mayu Shinjo's please.


I mean, which girl wouldn't mind to have more clothes and accessories?
So, any will do!
I do prefer necklaces above all.  Kindly do not get me gold ones, sad to say, I do not like gold, however purple gold and white gold are not under the list. I am talking about the color gold actually. So be it real or not, no gold please.
I like those necklaces with big, big charms? So, yeah.

Anyway, I do love to have a COACH bag - poppy series, but that's out of the way, but it's my wish list after all, just let me list it out please.

Hmm, and clothes, if you do not know what's my dress sense is like, vouchers and giftcards do help. :P
Like, Cotton On, Forever 21, Victoria Secret, etc?

POUCHES, yeah pouches, in what ever sizes there are. I love pouches so I could keep stuffs here and there.

SHOES!!! BUT! Do not give me shoes, cause of some stupid superstitious? VOUCHERS do fine. Like sportsbrand to normal shops.

THE OTHERS and etc.

They are other stuffs that I want but I really do not know where to list them.

Like learning dancing again, so O School gift vouchers please.

I love movies too, so MOVIES VOUCHERS? erm... STARBUCKS VOUCHERS will be nice too.

more YARNS please since I love to knit a lot. Any will do, really, or just settle with SPOTLIGHT vouchers?
any COOKIE MONSTER related stuffs will be nice too, but NO MORE SOFT TOYS PLEASE, mum just keep on keeping them away instead.

Instax Mini Photo albums for my photos? I am running out of places to keep them.

ERM... I DON'T KNOW. Actually, anything will do. Seriously.
though I actually listed a lot, tbh.
I just want stuffs, that can be keep stake?
So, I can keep the memories inside of me, and also to look at them and able to think of you people?

HMM SO, they are like overboard yeah, I mean, if I can afford or able to get them, they won't appear in my WISHLIST but TO BUY/GET list right?

After all, you do not need to get me anything fanciful, just do turn up, friends and family.
It's always the thought that counts, right?
Just APPEAR okay.

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