Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and so

and so, while I was resting my wrist from Maya, I sidetracked, real far.

From Allkpop to youtube with luna from f(x) to krystal fainting to 2NE1 falling to wondergirls and 2pm in taiwan to vaness wu to daniel wu and to edison chen. etc

Don't ask me how I link, but yeah I manage to do it.

Somehow, I realise, I was no longer in the mood to "chase" any "idols" stuffs anymore.
I didn't even turn the TV on today for MAMA even though I was at home throughout, I guess somehow I grew out of it.
BUT, yeah I still do enjoy videos, shows, dramas and clips, they are just entertainment for me while resting and when I am bored.

Not the same as last time anymore.

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