Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011.09.18 Johnny English

Prepared assessment items for Dee to burn for submission that day, I was busying scanning drawings and sketches that I didn't remember or was just plain lazy to upload.

Was running late, but Tonton called and told me the earlier slot were all sold out, so I could take my own sweet time over.
Rushed down after I uploaded all my items to dropbox.

Met Tonton, BB and Ah Ba at the arcade @ Causeway Point.
Can't remember when's the last time I stepped into Causeway Point's arcade.

Dinner before movie, and talked to the guys.
Please take care BB :)

Johnny English is super hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing from top to end.
To make it worse, there's a woman from don't know where, but not near me for sure, laughing so loud and sharp, that she adds on to the humour the movie had.

Amazing how he is so old, and yet able to portray this kind of comedian roles.
Mr Bean FTW

and this is Tonton on the way home, hungry tonton.

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