Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011.09.17 Singapore Zoo

Went to the Singapore Zoo with the Plaza people, as BB had free tickets to bring us in because of his job.
Sad to say, Jelly wasn't able to join us again, cause her nan ren got braces appointment, and she promised to accompany him.

Cabbed down to meet them at the Zoo, since I didn't join them for breakfast @ BPP

There were really lots of monkeys, apes and erm orang utans?

Group shot~

Bought myself an Orang Utan plushie as it's so damn adorable, and Tonton named it rambutan.

We camped @ KFC for lunch, while we stayed there for shelter at the same time as it started pouring.
I was real tired, and I actually fell asleep after lunch.

KFC was such an disappointment there.
The chicken were either too oily or too hard, nothing just right.
I gave up eating half way.

and I was caught sleeping,

wasn't very amazed by the animal show they had?
It was something new, but something too boring too.

Souvenir shop is a playground for us

We camped outside zoo for a while thinking of what to do next, at least half n hour I could say.
skating? movie? K box-ing?

Settled for karaoke in the end, and I called Top One to book a room for us.
Not everyone went though.
Headed to Bugis in separate ways.
Got myself some Tori-Q while waiting for the others, I seriously love their chicken skin and tontoro.

Bought tidbits at the same time and then headed for karaoke!
We had free complimentary pasta, and it actually tasted real nice.
Not very cheesy, it's just nice, I would love to have seconds.
Though Waine did told me before the one he had suck.

Went for dessert afterwards, and found myself at Etude house somehow, and got myself one stack of masks.
It's real hard to find the Green Tea and Aloe Vera ones as they are always out of stock, especially at Jurong Point, so might as well stock them up :)

 BB treated us for dessert.
It was a little disappointing that day.
The quality wasn't there at all, it was okay the other days I have went.


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