Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011.09.11 Flea market @ scape

11th September 2011 Sunday

I rent a flea market booth at *Scape with Cally and Yinkwan.

I wasn't really feeling okay that day, had bad sore eyes that night before and it only got better in the afternoon.
So, I was like 1-2 hours late.

Didn't bring much to sell this time, other then just a bag of clothes and accessories that I am selling on my Facebook shop.

Was sitting there most of the time, chatting with Yinkwan, knitting my rings.
Waiting for tonton to text me ><

Didn't dare to walk around much, as I was afraid I would spend too much instead of selling my clothes off.

yinkwan got us rings which is so nice of her. <3 thank you

and !!! I managed to sell away all of my clothes, at really cheap price like,

$3 each > 2 for $5 > $1 each > 3 for $2 etc.

It's crazy, I didn't really think much of earning but to get rid of the clothes?
Since I don't wear them anymore, and it's a pity to just to throw them away or sell it to garang guni?

HOWEVER, I bought another bag of clothes home ><
HEH, but they cost less than $20, all added up together.
That's flea market for you, cheap thrills, even though they are 2nd hand clothes? They are still in good quality.

all this for less than $20? isn't it a steal?

Was suppose to go for dinner with cally and her family?
I didn't know that Tonton went down to town to look for me, and I didn't check my phone till I was on her dad's car.
I felt so damn bad please.
So, I asked tonton to go over to Tiong Bahru and I meet him there for dinner.

He bought
, my family,  mooncakes :) and we had KFC for dinner :)
Had been craving for KFC since don't know how long, but nothing can win those that we had in Thailand.
Omo, I want to eat those again ><

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