Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011.09.10 SENTOSA trip

With my <3 ICE people, we went to Sentosa and Skating on 10th September 2011.
It was such a tiring day, no more sentosa AND skating on the same day.
we were partly zombie already when we were at the rink.

Met up with them @ Vivocity to take the tram in, it was free to enter that day, for don't know what reason.
Andrew actually wore his shirt inside out and yet no one told him, even though some of them sat on his car to vivocity together.

I bought lots of tibits, or as what Dom called them, comfort food.
While Andrew bought Egg mayo that he made his own :)
and Kelvin bought drinks.

I didn't know that Andrew had a pair of wings tattoo over his back, and the funny thing was,
Suki pointed at it and went "BUTTERFLY" and everyone went crazy laughing at her innocent mistake.

Some photos here and there.
and this is Andrew, having cramps on his legs, and the others have to help him stretch.
Due to making our <3 egg mayo.

We didn't really get to do much other then eating Andrew's egg mayo.
Playing with the sea a little, but it was raining a little here and there, and we were asked to get out of the sea.
The only real thing we did was to bury Dom in the sands, damn fun please.

Maggie had a phobia with the sea, so she didn't join us, and Andrew was the camera man, so it's only the 5 of us.
We wanted to throw Suki into the water, but it started raining again.

We actually sat at the sands, playing Monopoly Deal while waiting for the rain to get away, but we didn't manage to go down to the sea anymore.

Headed to the bath room and washed up and prepared to go for skating.

Had a small talk with the girls while waiting for the guys, it's really nice to hang out with wonderful people who accept who you are, and listen to you whenever they could.
We often see each other at the rink, but it's really seldom that we do really hang out outside the rink.
So, it's really fun to have them gathered out, other than at the rink.

at the carpark while andrew try to find his car.

Had our meal at Koufu @ kallang leisure park while we waited for Jelly to arrive since she didn't went to Sentosa with us as she had her braces appointment.

In the end, we went in first cause Jelly was late.
So we decided to just meet her in the rink.

Saw yueli there too! She was skating with her friends!
So nice to see an old friend that I didn't seen for ages.

We were like half dead by the time we skated, especially the girls.
No double events on the same day, it kills us badly.
Energy already half gone.

group shot :) with jelly and xinyi in it too :)

Got to know a new friend called, Ryuju too :)

I am happy that I can successfully plough well enough that the line will be straight?
AND, I am able to just look infront but not my legs while I break :)
GOOD IMPROVEMENT cookie, next thing, Hockey break.
I really need to get my touch back, and learnt them all one by one :)

Went to Astons @ Suntec for late dinner,so sad to say we had to split 4 by 4.

I was so tired by then, that Dom actually commented that he didn't see such a me before,
and like anytime, my face will just fall into my plate, and I will have two onion rings covering my eyes.

They were amazed by the amount of mayo I could take.
I can't live without sauce and seasoning.
Not a healthy thing actually.

<3 the achievement people a lot.
It's really nice and heart warming to hang out with them.
Messaging thank you messages to everyone is not something people will do this days, and yet this is what I receive from them <3

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