Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thailand Day 4 - time to go home

Last day in Thailand, no time to do any last minute shopping cause we need to get to the airport.
didn't even had breakfast, but brunch instead.

We managed to squeeze our luggies into the mini-van, and ourselves as well.
Good thing the distance frm the Airport ain't that far.

we were travelling here and there before we settled down for brunch,
we wanted to try the SAMURAI PORK burger at MACS, but then, the airport doesn't even have mac :(

AND, it's like the first "proper" meal I had there? Not counting the pasta?

and a few photos before we fly back to Singapore.

and they got this wrapping service for your luggage, prevention of scratches and such.

and then since we are going back, we finished up all the Thai Baht, Tonton and I had left with, ON POCKYs.

home sweet home

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