Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thailand, day 3

Finally, back to the Thailand post, this is Day 3 of the trip.

We woke up early in the morning, just to shop at the Market near us, it's forever changing, and it's different every day, so you can't go, "argh nvm, I will buy it tomorrow" , yah and tomorrow, you can't even find the shop anymore.

I spend like tons there, and only left with less than 100 SGD, I am a shopping freak, it's so damn cheap there anyway, so why not right.
It's like the more you buy, the cheaper is it? "WHOLESALE WHOLESALE" that's what you will always hear there.

Went back to the hotel to put down the barangs, and went to Baiyoke to have our breakfast, it's the same place as what we had for dinner the day before?
Got a breakfast set, love the croissant, max.

Went to the weekend market place, so tiring, and hot, sweating like crazy, and my money were almost gone by then, less than 50SGD I think, I freaking brought 500SGD worth of Thai Baht there ><

practically squeezed in the mini-van.

Went back to the hotel after shopping, rest awhile, and then went for lunch.
Not Thai Food again, this time KFC.
The others wanted the Thai-Indian food, but they U-turned immediately when they went in, talk about smell.

Settled with KFC in the end, and it's like, OMFG.
How can their KFC be so nice? It's tender enough, crispy enough, and it's not dripping oil like Singapore's.
It's like I can totally eat two of it, and not get sick of the taste.
Please bring in the recipe and method to Singapore please.

After Lunch, went for more shopping, went back to Platinum Mall, and that's my shopping haven.
This is the place, where I spend my last bunch of notes, till nothing left.

Thailand is so much love <3

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