Friday, August 26, 2011

National Day, drinking, pizza

National Day, 9th August 2011.

Met up with Eric and Leonard, and went to look and shoot the fireworks.
There were suppose to be more people? But, aww nvm. HAHA

I was totally glued to the TV and then I told tonton that I will go down after it ended, since we already went for the preview, and all we are going to do there is to wait for the BABOOM etc, and I do not have a tripod, so bringing my camera will be useless.

Got down there and found a bored leonard, and tonton made a new friend, who taught him about the camera techniques of taking the fireworks.

Talked and chat with Eric and Leonard, and totally agreed with Leonard, how looking at the traffic police controlling the crowd is way more interesting than anything else there.
It's super dramatic? it got worse when the fireworks ends, badly.
There are like foreign workers trying to push their way through and just rush across the road?
Do they even treasure their life? Do they want to die in a foreign country?

Poor policewoman, she wasn't able to do anything, and the guys refuse to listen to her.
They tried to rush through, and then you will see 4-6 buff looking policemen running across shouting and the people immediately back off.
HAHA, heh, at that point of time, it was really an amusing sight for the 3 of us.

Walked a long walk just to reach Raffles Place, and then we decided to head down the Clarke Quay for a drink or two.
Called Duval, and realise he was just on his way home, and we asked him to detour back to find us.

Tonton and I went to Burger king for dinner, and I missed the steps and fell while wad-apps-ing alfred ><
BLEAHX. seriously, look and walk, instead of text and walk people, don't be like me.

Waited for Duval to come, and I had my dinner.

Then, went for Brewerks.
Even though it was a public holiday, most of the clubs wasn't open cause its ain't a weekend or an eve of a public holiday.
Pub and bars only?

and DUVAL, introduced this beer that he had before. It tasted like crap, PUKE actually.
Especially the smell? You won't want to drink it at all when u go near the glass.
I am glad that I didn't had it at all.

I am still not a beer person after all.

Brewerks were then closing, so we had to leave, after 2 pints? ONLY?
It's really not enough for us? Especially Leonard and Duval, HAHA.

Poor Eric, he vomited, but that's good actually.
He shouldn't have drink with us at all. He can't.

We loiter around Clarke Quay area, finding for a place for us to hang out?
Checking out girls?

Yeah, when you are with one group of guys, and they don't even count me as girl at all.
To them, I am a BRO ><

So, we ended up with cocktails and sisha.

My first experience with SISHA, and I almost died chocking.
My first puff, I thought I didn't suck in much for the "Flavour" or wad to go in, apparently it did?
And it was one mouth, that's too big, I choked and coughed.
Can even feel it at my chest ><

not good.

on a side note, duval and I got sorethroat after that. ><
That's sisha for u.

Duval and I got hungry, so after sisha, we got pizza next door.
I don't know whether it's because we were very hungry or what?
The pizza is realllly good.
A little too expensive for me though, but then again, 一分钱一分货 right?

Craved a little too much, we got the entire pizza instead of slices.

Decided what to do while eating.
To go pool? or drink more or smehting along the line.

Eric, Leonard and I were craving for massage session?
So, I went googling and found a 24 Hour massage palor at Orchard area.

Since we have 5 people, and a cab only can fits maximum 4, Duval and Tonton decided to walk over, while the rest of us cabbed there.

By the time they walked over, should be just nice for us to finish our massage.

I think after the long day, we were very tired.
The massage came at the right point of time, I practically almost fell asleep.

Too tired, headed home instead of chilling out with them.

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