Friday, August 26, 2011

2011.08.13 skating

I went skating AGAIN, am actually not suppose to, but I seriously can't resist temptation to.

I had fever the night before, so was wondering whether I should go or not.
They were celebrating Akira's birthday, and I promised him to get him a cake.

My initial plan was to just go there, but not skate.
HOWEVER, it's really saddening to go there, and just sit at the side and not skate at all?
I tried that once, and the feeling suck max.

SO, since the fever sub, I brought my skates along, incase I change my mind?
I can always sit down and rest if the knee gives way or what.
on the way there :)

So, got the cake and met up with tonton and headed down.
I still seriously can't stand the long MRT journey there, it won't make any better if the Circle Lines opens at Bunoa Vista?
Cause it doesn't go via 2 ways, big one big loop instead?

It's taking me 1 hour by train to reach kallang.
And, why do they change the route for bus 16?
otherwise I am still able to take it from Cityhall.

 with ton ton <3

with debbie, whom I haven't seen for ages, I think there's at least a year?
she stopped classes, so I never get to see her ><

and lastly, Akira's birthday cake that I got :)

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