Friday, August 26, 2011

夏祭り2011, photo heavy

YEAH, it's the time for Natsu Matsuri again!

This time I went with a different group of people.
Normally, every year, I will go with Precious, and the others.
Since, she is in Korea, so....

Initially, there were just 4 of us, Tonton + me , Andy + Carol.
Cally then tagged along, cause I asked to borrow her yukata, and reminded her of Natsu, and so, she joined us.
Asked maggie to join us too cause she never been to one before, and was interested to go.
Then, BB joined along.
and, met Andrew there, after his class

So. It's like 3 groups of friends? make it 2.5, cause cally,maggie and andrew are from the skating side, though cally and maggie doesn't know each other before this.

It's really fun to go with one big group?

The sad thing this year was that I did not have a single advance ticket at all.
like ぜんぜん!

So, we had to queue up instead?

Headed down and decided to queue up at 3pm, so the queue won't be too long and we could get in faster.
I got down at cityhall and met up with Teresa, she was suppose to pass me 2 tickets but her friend forgot to bring.

I went down for nothing, other than the super nice popcorn at citylink, and then I cabbed down to the school to meet them.

We were practically rotting while waiting ><
Cally and maggie wanted to go toilet, so they found their way in, and decided not to come out.
The guys went to toilet too, and toured the entire school, but not a single soul asked them why they were in or asked them to leave.

Seriously, loopholes? Next year, forget about tickets.
I will just go to "toilets"

Am just going to spam polaroid scans and photos at the end of this post.

changed yukata with cally when we entered, I almost died in the toilet. Suffocating.
And cally so skinny and small, she is like too small for the yukata and obi -.-
my dear mum, please erm, grow.

Quite saddening? There wasn't any candy apples this year? Not a single stick at all, I was still so looking forward to it.

Saw friends, drink Asahi, took pictures.

Saw a couple that cannot stop frenching -.-, wanted to take picture and stomp them. HAHA

Wanted to play games, but we were late? They stopped selling tickets at 8pm.
Andy managed to buy one, and I got one from Kiriko <3
and something with BB did, shhh, maggie got to play too :)

Went for supper after that. Andrew and Maggie headed off first, cause Andrew was tired and Kelvin wanted Maggie to go home early.

Wanted to go Newton, cause Cally doesn't wanna go too far, it's not convenient too.
In the end Newton was fully closed? Like huh? It's not even 11pm yet ><
Went down to bedok instead.

Tonton slept over, like I guess, too tired to go home hahaha.


too many photos, the others are all own facebook :D

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