Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.07.26 :( A&E

July 26th, saddening day.

I was well and jumping around in the morning and afternoon.

Went for nai you pai gu for lunch with the Drommere people after school.
Unlucky day for Alfred, he got into a car accident with 6 other cars. He is #6.
So half of them can't make it, so nai you pai gu-ed and went off.

I walked a bit before heading home.
Got some tiramisu and choco banana cake from the favourite shop opposite SGH.
Their bakes are love.

Am going to go for more, especially their banana cake. SHALL BAKE some one day.

Alfred and Patricia came over to my house afterwards.
I was talking to them happily, then suddenly I felt giddy, can't really concentrate much,
didn't think much of it? Cause I thought I was just sleepy and tired, only.

They left and Tonton came over after his class.
The giddiness didn't go off? and worse till? The room was spinning.
I can't even eat?
The sad thing was, mum cooked my favourite chicken :(

What I eat or drink, I just totally puke them out.
I was pale white, according to them.

Tonton had to send me to NUH A&E, since visiting normal clinic, they will just give you painkillers.
Tonton had to wait for me for so long, I felt so bad.
He went visiting tereo while I was in, eating medicines, getting injection. DAMN PAIN please.

Saddening, all I had was injection and pills, and they send me home after the giddiness stopped.
They didn't even tell me what happened to me :(

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