Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.07.23 cookie monster muffins

23rd July Leonard 誕生日.

Went skating to celebrate his birthday, with Duval, benson, tonton and me.
and I think they are hooked with it.
LOL, they had so much fun, even me too :)
I am snow ploughing well :)

Too bad I didn't get to hang around more to see the others, but managed to say hi to kelvin, maggie and akira.

and remember the cookie monster muffins I decorated?

 yep, they are birthday muffins for the birthday boy.
I seriously love the outcome for it.
Need a bigger container next time, so they won't be crushed.

and I saw becks at the rink~

she was there with some of the mass comm peeps, recognize a few faces.

Duval and Benson went off after skating, while Leonard, Tonton & I headed down to VIVO, and met up with weeteng for


weeteng and ruiting, went to shave their head for a great clause.
I do not have that courage to do that at all.

Since it was streetfest too, went up and see whether I will meet some friends there?

with joyce




and nannnnnnyyyyy~

Had steamboat dinner, and then proceed to movies.

Hanna was SO SO ONLY, hate the ending, grr.
Not really worth my money I think.

chilled out after movie, for some drinks and the muffins :)

the dead muffin

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