Thursday, July 7, 2011


AM blogging about THAILAND. PHOTO HEAVY :D

So, I went on a Thailand 4 Days 3 Nights trip with Tonton and his group of friends.
It's like a shopping haven for me?
The amount I spend is like CRAZY, now there's a one big hole in my pocket and tonton's too.

This is us, at Changi Airport :D

It's like kindergarden, primary school outing ah? HAHAHAHA
This is the group that I went with, 12 of us, 4 pair of couples and 2 guys. HAHA

 We sat on Cathay.
I think this is my 2nd time on Cathay?
The 1st one was to Hong Kong quite a few years ago.

my plane meal - fish.

tonton's plane meal - chicken

Actually, the plane meal to Thailand ain't that bad, edible.
and, there's chocolate!

on the way from the airport to the Hotel. :D

The hotel actually not that bad.
It's stay-able?
Other then it's not on the main road, so we needa walk a little to get to our hotel.
And they got two seperate buildings.
we are staying in one, while the recep is at the other building.
at least, the massage place is at our building :D

our room :D
not that bad ah?
but I am not used to the bed, so I didn't really slept that well there.

My favourite shopping place - Platinum Fashion Mall.
Things are like damn cheap there?
wholesale wholesale, that's what they love to say.

we had A&W for dinner.
It was disappointing,  for something I didn't had for years, I was looking forward to it actually.

It was raining at night, actually it rained every single night.
the water level was like around my ankle?

We went for the Thai massage at night, the one at our hotel.
It wasn't that bad, I kinda fell asleep.
Tonton's first massage experience.
I was looking forward to hear him scream or what, but he didn't. OH WELL. 

I was relaxed after that, but seriously not enough, for me.

Kinda slept a little late?
I wasn't keeping track of the time actually.

Am glad that the hotel has free wifi?
I was tweeting, facebook and foursquare-ing happily.

Shall end it with my DAMAGES.

This are the replicas.

and this are the ones I got from the duty free shops at Changi.

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