Thursday, July 7, 2011


Went to Tonton's sis's son BABY SHOWER :D

super nice invitation card right?

Cabbed down with tonton's dad.
The first person who greeted us was tonton's brother-in-law.

BRO: hi
ME: hi
BRO: you weren't together the last time right?
ME: er... yah.


Anyway, the food wasn't bad. I love the veges, but I wasn't hungry.
I think the sis and mom of tonton's brother-in-law, did cupcakes and a jelly cake.

I like the cupcake, but the frost was a little sweet for me.

and this is me trying to eat the cupcakes and pose to tonton at the same time.

and they hired a caricature artist!! LIVE DIGITAL CARICATURE.

everyone was like queueing up.

this is tonton, I personally think that. IT'S BETTER LOOKING THEN TON TON :X

and this is me, a little too cute for me.

nice ah?

Went town and watch Green Lantern afterwards, it wasn't that bad what.
I guess for movies from DC and Marvel. you really need to enjoy and appreciate them differently.

Tonton stayed over :D
BUT seriously, NO MORE OKAY!
I don't want your mum to get angry and worried ><

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